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New year is the day of beginning an year and it is very special day for people because new year brings a hope for people which causes to celebrate this with energy. People of many countries start the preparation of New Year celebration before many days. People start to buy gifts, flowers, clots and send to their beloved relatives on New Year to celebrate the happiness of the year of hope. Some countries perform fireworks to celebrate the holiday of New Year.

As happy new year 2019 is coming, people has started to prepare yourself for celebration of New Year. People who are not living in their countries or who are away from their families and cannot celebrate New Year with their families, they wish them New Year over the social media and same them happy new year wishes, pray for their best future.

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Some writers said New Year is a sign for hope and its another chance for those people who were failed in previous years, New Year brings a chance for those people to make their dreams true. Some famous writers said that New Year is an open book for a people who can write and delete anything from that whatever he wants.

So lets we make promise in coming New Year 2019, we all will do our responsibilities with honesty and will do our work on time. Let we make promise in happy New Year 2019, we will try to avoid from those acts which are harmful to others. We will follow our country rules and regulations.

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